Extending reach through geographic or category expansion

Moving into new territories and categories is a radical strategy that can create major potential for incremental business growth. To succeed, it requires a precise understanding of market dynamics, consumer behaviour and the competitive landscape of the specific markets that you target. This is precisely what the TNS global network delivers.

With experts in all key markets and research solutions that have been proven globally, we are perfectly equipped to provide our clients with the in-depth local and sector insight that they need to unlock new avenues for growth in markets worldwide.

Find out how we have helped our clients:

  • Build on global leader status through growth in a new market

    Business issue

    Our client, a global leader in personal care, wanted to drive growth by entering a new market in Asia, with a global deodorant brand. Precise direction was needed on how to position the brand for success.

    Precise insight

    NeedScope provided a focused framework to understand consumer needs, evaluate the positioning of existing brands, inform brand development and outline the market opportunity. Specifically, NeedScope identified the emotive needs driving brand choice and how to satisfy needs through product and brand image (pack symbolism and communications).

    This provided a precise understanding of the deodorant market, a clear target audience and a clear path to growth. Existing brands in the market met a wide range of needs, but there were untapped needs in one NeedScope segment – vitality.

    In the segment, the underlying needs were more assertive expressions of individuality, articulated in terms of energy and activity. Deodorant needed to make them feel alive, giving a feel of refreshment. Not surprisingly, the type of person who exemplifies this need had an energetic, lively and active personality. We advised the creation of a new deodorant range using the vitality concept with precise direction on product formulation, packaging, positioning for a range of variants.

    Precise plans for growth

    The range was launched with packaging and communication targeting the vitality segment. It reached a 17 percent share and third position in the market after three months, most of it from the market leader.

  • Double share in a competitive market through improved targeting

    Business issue

    Our client, a major network operator in Europe, had plans to expand into new markets. To prioritise investments and optimise success, research was required to evaluate which markets would be most receptive to a new entrant.

    Precise insights

    The ConversionModel was used to measure and understand consumer commitment to brands across a range of countries and provide a detailed analysis of consumer needs and the positioning of incumbent brands. It explored levels of satisfaction with existing suppliers and openness and willingness to try new suppliers. The results identified markets with the largest number of people open to changing their current provider, which was essential to identify the optimal growth and entry strategies.

    Precise plans for growth

    The client successfully launched a new operator brand in the two most promising markets achieving over 10 percent penetration within the first 18 months.